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Graduation and Scholarships

Graduation StudentLoyalton High School has a graduation success rate of over 99%. 53% of LHS graduates go on to college.

Resources for Graduation

Graduation Requirements

Certificate of Completion

Student must accomplish the requirements of an official Individual Education Plan (I.E.P) as a student enrolled in the District

4 Year Planning & Graduation Requirements:

4 Year Planning Worksheets, Graduation Checklist, College Requirements. Planning sheets for the courses a student needs to take to complete graduation with a high school diploma.

High School Diploma Requirements

Course and Credit Requirements:

All students must complete 285 units and a Senior Project/Paper.

Mathematics 30: Must include Algebra 1
(For 4-Year College Track, must include at least 3 years: Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry)

English 40: English 9, English 10, English 11, English 12

Social Science 30: U.S. History and Geography 10, 
World History and Geography 10
,  American Government, and Economics 10

Science 20: Life Science 10
, Physical Science 10
. Requirement may be met through Agriculture Program

Physical Education 20: Should be taken in grades 9 and 10

Future Focus/Health/World Geography: 10 Units

Language or Fine Arts 20: May include Drama, Art, Music, or Foreign Language

Note: Unit requirements vary by year due to schedule changes; please check for changes in annual requirements.


Local Scholarships

State and National Scholarships

Open and Download the Common Scholarship Application

This one application is utilized by many of the local scholarship organizations. Please note that it also requires an official, sealed transcript every time you use it and requires student and parent signatures.

Applying for College Checklist .pdf  A checklist to prepare for college, begins at Freshman year through graduation, for both parents and students.

High School Transcripts:

Using this link, you many request your Transcripts Online

Online Colleges:

Browse Online Colleges

Browse and view  100s of college campus on your computer. Virtual Online Tours of Colleges

Job Application

Job Application Form  ( .doc format) Certain teachers may require you to fill out a job application for Senior Mock Job interviews. This is a generic or typical job application.

Senior Year 101

Senior Year 101 Blog  Practical advise for seniors, graduates and their families.